Bathrooms should be private, calming sanctuaries

The Uplift Assist is a lightweight chair that brings independence and privacy back to the bathroom. Easily fitting over most toilets, this chair helps make using the bathroom effortless and worry-free. 

The Uplift Assist

The Uplift Assist lift seat toilet chair by F3 Medical empowers individuals experiencing mobility challenges to sit and stand comfortably in the bathroom. Innovative, easy-to-use furniture technology provides the safety and support needed to enjoy independent living confidently. 

Function First Furniture Uplift Assist toilet chair on white background

Benefits of the Uplift Assist Toilet Chair

icon decrease falls

Decrease falls

Patented lift-assist seat can help decrease fall incidents

icon easier to sit and stand

Easier sit and stand

Built-in lever paddles engage lift-assist seat, making ‘sit-to-stand’ safer and easier

icon two way hydraulic system

Sit and stand safer

A two-way hydraulic system helps users sit and stand safely and easily

icon adjustable height and width

Fits most bathrooms

Adjustable height and width make the Uplift Assist a perfect fit for most bathrooms

icon easy to carry

Easily transportable

Detachable legs make the Uplifter Assist easily transportable when traveling outside the home

Two-way hydraulic system and weight-activated arm paddles

A two-way hydraulic system and weight-activated arm paddles allow you to sit down softly and stand up with safety and support, decreasing the likelihood of a fall.

Adjustable height and width to fit most toilets

This easy-to-use seat features an adjustable height and width, making it a perfect fit for most bathrooms and people.

The Uplift Assist toilet chair front view on white background

Detachable legs make it easy to transport

The Uplift Assist Toilet Chair also features detachable legs, making it a breeze to disassemble for convenient transport when traveling outside the home.

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The magic is in the details

See the Uplift Assist details

Independence has never been easier!

The Uplift Assist Toilet Chair is safe and easy to use

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Tech Specs

Need more info? Have a look at the tech specs of the Uplift Assist toilet chair. We’ve used the latest technology & quality materials

Up to

36.2 GHz

quad-core Intel Core i7 processsor

Up to

2.9 GHz

6 core Intel Core i9 processsor

Up to

4.5 GHz

Turbo Boost

Up to

4.8 GHz

Turbo Boost


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